Welcome to cDiver.net!


cDiver.net is a new home for you to find jobs, share stories, post pictures, watch videos and more. Click here to learn more…


My hope is that this becomes a network for Commercial Divers.  Here’s a little about what you can do…

  • Post your resume –  Lots of dive companies will use our database to search for divers by their qualifications.
  • Search for jobs –  Nothing hidden here, we give you detail about the job, company info and let you apply for the job directly to the company via our cJobs tool.
  • Join the Commercial Diver Network – This is a community where you can make friends with other divers, talk directly or even talk in the forums.
  • Share Photos & Videos – The network lets you upload photos & videos.  Have fun with it!
  • Industry Updates – We keep you up to date on all industry happenings, ADCI/IMCA updates and more.
  • Contests – We’ll be working with Sponsors to provide prized for cDiver related contests.  I’m hoping this gets really creative & fun.

If there is anything you would like us to add or you would like to see on the site, definitely let me know.  My goal is to help Commercial Divers to get jobs and I can do anything I need to with this site.

Also, I’ll be at the Underwater Intervention Show in March.  I won’t have a booth, but I’ll make myself known…