SubSea Global Solutions Acquires All-Sea Underwater Solutions

subsea global solutions acquires all-sea underwater

Initial Press Release

Combined entity will be a global leader in providing underwater ship repair, maintenance and marine construction solutions

SGS was actively seeking a partner for which to expand its service lines, improve its talent base, and broaden its geographical footprint. Having been partners in the past, SGS was quite familiar with All-Sea, and the two decided that becoming a worldwide leader in underwater solutions was a smart choice.

Paul Peters, CEO of SGS remarked:

“We are excited to add All-Sea Underwater Solutions to the Subsea Global Solutions family. We have worked together as partners in this industry for years and have always maintained aligned core values in our individual corporations. it is great to bring the entire team together as one.”

Vincent Cummings, President and CEO of All-Sea stated:

“This merger into Subsea Global Solutions will give All-Sea Underwater Solutions the strength and additional assets it has yearned for to continue to grow and serve our clientele globally. We are excited to finally merge together with our friends and old alliance partners at SGS!”

About All-Sea
Established in 1978, All-Sea Underwater Solutions is a world leader in underwater ship repair and maintenance. Their dive technicians are highly skilled, well trained and solution-focused with years of experience in all types of conditions. All-Sea has developed specialized, proprietary equipment and procedures to carry out maintenance or technical repairs of the highest standards, underwater, anywhere in the world.

For additional information:
SGS Acquisition Announcement

Follow Up Client Communication

Subsea Global Solutions is pleased to announce the acquisition of All-Sea Underwater Solutions. Together, we will be the global leader in providing underwater ship repair, maintenance and marine construction solutions. The closing of this transaction is effective 2 March 2017.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your business and inform you that we are excited about this transaction as it positions us for future growth and it provides us with more opportunities to serve you. Some of the enhanced benefits that we anticipate include:

  1. Makes it easier for us to expand our portfolio of repair services so that we can respond faster throughout the world;
  2. Makes it easier for us to secure and service long-term fleet contracts based on a larger unified corporation with a bigger global footprint;
  3. Provides a more stable business platform to grow organically and through acquisition of companies globally
  4. Strengthens our talent pool of Diver / Technicians so that we can support more jobs concurrently on a global basis.
  5. Expands our pool of technical resources so that we can continue to innovate new underwater value adding repair solutions to meet your needs.

As we go through this exciting transition, we will honor our existing commitments. We are confident that there will be no disruption in our services and you will continue to receive the excellent service that you are accustomed too.

Our Business Development representative will be in touch with you within the next two weeks to answer any questions you may have. If you have any immediate questions or concerns, please send them to [email protected] . We appreciate your business and we look forward to working with you in the near future.

Paul Peters, CEO |  [email protected]
Vincent Cummings, President and CEO | [email protected]


About Subsea Global Solutions

Subsea Global Solutions is the globally formed corporation consisting of the assets and personnel of SGS US East Coast LLC, SGS US West Coast LLC, SGS US Gulf Coast Diving LLC and SGS Caribbean NV. With a dedicated staff situated globally, Subsea Global Solutions has revolutionized the methods of repair for ships and advanced the methodology used in underwater Marine Construction. After a decade of unprecedented productive growth, SUBSEA GLOBAL SOLUTIONS companies are solidly positioned to present their unique and revolutionary methods for underwater ship repair and husbandry to customers under a single global banner and brand.


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