New vs Used Commercial Diving Helmets

    new vs used commercial diving helmets
    We recently published a survey on our Facebook page and received a response from over 100 commercial divers.
    The results were closer than we had expected! A close to 50/50 split between divers who punched a brand new helmet when they began diving and those who purchased a used one.
    new vs used commercial diving helmets
    So which should you choose if you are just starting out?
    A new commercial diving helmet can run you upwards of $10,000 depending on the type of helmet you need. And in the market of diving helmets, you absolutely get what you pay for!
    Firstly, make sure you buy the right helmet for the job you need.
    There are two types of commercial diving helmets.
    A full-face diving mask or a diving helmet.
    1- A diving mask will be lighter and a bit less expensive, however, you will NOT be able to use it for any hazmat jobs.
    2- A full diving helmet will cost you more and be heavier but will also provide more protection and is acceptable on hazmat projects.
    There are so many other factors that go into finding the right helmet. Fit, communications, breathing functions, and more!  Hopefully, you will have some guidance from your school or fellow divers when selecting the right helmet.
    If you know which type of helmet you need, where do you look?


    • Check your local resellers and see if they offer diving helmet consignment where divers can re-sell their helmets that they no longer need.

    Searching eBay can also be a great place to score a used, but still in great condition helmet.

    • Right here! We have seen some divers have great luck posting items for sale right here on cDiver in our forums.
    • Check with your diving school or company. Many operations will provide you with a helmet or resources to find one of your own.


    • Check with your local resellers. If you live somewhere that has a shop, stop by and see what they have available. Many resellers will list their inventory online.
    In person, you will also be able to ask questions, which you can’t do as easily online.
    See a full list of Kirby Morgan dealers here.
    • Online – Make sure any website you find selling commercial diving helmets or masks that they are an authorized distributor.  Look on websites like Dive Helmets or American Diving Supply.
    Best of luck finding the perfect diving helmet or mask!
    It will be with you for a long time. Take good care of it!