Making Beer Safe for the Ocean – Edible Beer 6-pack Rings

saltwater brewery edible six pack rings

Earlier this year, Saltwater Brewing and WeBelievers came up with the idea and created the world’s first edible six pack rings to carry beers.

The problem was obvious. Think of all the soda & beer you have drank in your life (it’s okay if you can’t, most divers can’t count that high) and think of the number of 6-pack rings you have tossed away. A large number of these rings end up in the ocean, hurting or killing the marine life in some pretty cruel ways.
turtle six pack ring around shell seal six pack ring around neck seabird six pack ring on head

Starting with the Wheat & Barley by-products from the beer making process, Saltwater Brewing & WeBelievers were able to create a six pack ring that can effectively carry the beer while also being 100% edible, biodegradable and compostable.

They hope to have the new beer rings available on the market in 6-12 months, at which point you’ll be able to support marine wildlife by drinking more beer. ┬áLike we needed another excuse…

If you find yourself with downtime near Delray Beach in Florida, go check out their tasting room and support the cause.


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