WATCH: Bourbon in SABELLA’s D10 Subsea Cable Project


The following video shows how the French vessel owner and offshore services provider, Bourbon, delivered the installation of subsea electrical cable for SABELLA’s D10 tidal energy project off the island of Ushant, France.

After 2 weeks of preparation, the laying of the electrical cable was conducted from May 23 – 26 2015.

Teams from Bourbon and Sabella landed, placed, and buried 30 tons of 68 mm diameter cable over 2 km at depths from 0 to 60 m in the Fromveur Passage to Ushant.

The project was executed by 30 experienced professionals, including engineers, seafarers, divers and ROV pilots.

Bourbon used the Argonaute, a vessel measuring 69 meters long by 15 meters wide, equipped with a dynamic positioning system, A Falcon series ROV and all necessary equipment for cable laying, landing and burying.







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