USI Completes NACDS Commercial Diver Training


USI Bridge Inspection Team

USI’s Bridge Inspection team recently completed 245 hours of ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) Diver Training Standard for Underwater Investigations through on-site instructional courses and Surface Supplied Air training (SSA).

Three members of USI’s bridge inspection team represented USI in the NACDS (National Association of Commercial Dive Specialists) program, all of whom have previous underwater bridge inspection experience.

Starting with 175 hours of in-class curriculum, topics covered a wide range of professional diving and water safety subjects including but not limited to: CPR, Diving Physics, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Diving-Related Illnesses and Injuries, Emergency In-Water Decompression, Environmental Hazards and Workplace Safety.

Next, the USI Underwater Bridge Inspection team participated in a 70-hour Surface Supplied Air on-site diving instructional through Omni Divers Underwater Services, L.L.C.. In this intensive training, the team received under-water “real-life” dive experiences at the Natural Springs Resort in Southern Ohio and spent a day running training scenarios at the Philips Quarry Outdoor Educational Center in Muncie, IN.

USI’s Bridge Inspection team strives for excellence and clean safety record. Along with in-class education and underwater live scenario dive training, USI received further training with our O2 Emergency Oxygen dive kit, to be ready in case any future Diving-Related emergencies were to arise.

USI is prequalified by INDOT in all Bridge Inspection categories and can inspect all types of bridges with our underwater, confined space, complex and fracture critical training certifications and experience. No matter what the size or complexity of a bridge inspection, USI is first class in response, accuracy, dependability, and most of all – SAFETY.






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