Update: Subsea Cable Fault Shuts Horn Rev 2 OWF


A fault in subsea cable has shut down DONG Energy’s Horns Rev 2 offshore wind farm, Energinet.dk informed.

Transmission operator of Horns Rev 2, Energinet.dk, said that the error on the cable connecting the wind farm to land occured on October 19 at 01:56.

As soon as the exact location of the fault is found the company will start the repair works.

Energinet.dk also said that it is too early to say how the error occured and when the cable is going to be operational again.

The subsea cable is linking offshore transformer platform in the North Sea to the onshore grid. The cable is 42km long and has a landing point in Blåbjerg north of Henne.

Update 20.10.2015.

Energinet.dk informed that the error on Horns Rev 2 occurred approximately 800 meters from the offshore transformer platform.

The transmission operator said that the wind farm will be offline until at least November 25. The cause of the fault in subsea cable is still unknown.







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