Commercial Diving – Unique skills and abilities of Divers


Last week we asked our commercial divers and community members  about the required skills to be a Commercial Diver.  Lets see what they say about it.

I was told once that Commercial Diving is merely the bus that takes you to work. EVERYTHING else is an additional and necessary skill. No one gets paid to dive. You get paid to complete something specialized by means of diving.” – Hayden Dunstan

“High alcohol tolerance” – Tom Leach

AWSOME’nesssssssssss” – Ross Mcnally

“The ability to grow a thick skin.” – Neil Chant

Professionalism. At least in nuclear. Professionalism is key.  Proper, concise, three-way communication. The ability to think visually, from seeing (and reading) a flow print and knowing where to go in near zero vis, doing the job and communicating what you saw and what you did well enough to either draw your own picture or fill a clear report. 

My pet peeve is seeing a report that looks like a regurgitated dive log. “Diver so and so when left surface at such and such time and inspected the pump bay. Returned to surface at blah blah”.  And no mention of what was seen, growth, amount of debris, type of debris, impeller condition, bolts, etc etc. – Kyra Richter

Risk management – Stuart Anderson

The ability to press a buzzer continuously throughout 24 hours ignoring fatigue, finger cramp and the need for sleep . …. God bless divers, they keep me in a job” – Gary Strike

Commitment. Patience. And just being awesome! – Aiman Hamouda

“Be very familiar first aid, CPR, rigging, topside burning & welding. be prepaired to spend alot of time away from home. Before spending $$$ on dive school get out on the water in some marginal seas to see if you can hang out to sea. Being some type of mechanic is a plus. This isn’t for the weak of heart if you are not 100% Serious stay on the pourch” -Richard Grzetich

Adapt improvise overcome get shit done – Jon Carrasquillo

“Tolerance for being screwed over and eating big bags of shit with a smile on your face.” – Michael Riales

Initiative. Common Sense!!!! – Nick Proctor

“Excepting you must have proper tent and outdoor survival techniques. There’s a good chance you’ll be homeless at many points in the game! The belly of the beast ‘she’s’ a cruel one!!” – Nate Dahl

Not quitting in 3-6 months – Eric Long

“Jack of all trades, problem solving skils and the ability to stay calm in chaos.” – Theo Matthews

Good photo skills, report writing, people skills – Dave MacPherson

It’s important to be able to crap in a bucket in front of people. Also don’t pee in your dry suit when you get cold” – Charlie Citizen

Common sence #1 – John Bennett

“Vessel construction” – Karl H. Reiter

Adaptability and information retention. One day a hull inspection, the next day sealing a dock gate, then reservoir maintenance, subsea cable or pipeline repairs. The list is endless. – Graham Parker

Being able to breath through your ears…..haha” – Steve Scully

Is it able to live in one place and have a family – Eddie Valenzuela

“Comradeship and teamwork” – Peter Lj Large

Commercial diving is both challenging and rewarding job.  It needs professional training, commitment and hard work. For further details about this profession click here.


  1. Welding, and or inspection certs are a very big plus. Don’t listen to the salts who say “those who can’t construct, inspect.” Don’t corner yourself to only one market.

  2. Breaking out as a diver and having lots of HATERS………………..Learn how to do your job the right way don’t be lazy and lame. To all the tenders go choke hose and learn your job.


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