Unearthing 2000 Year Old Historical Treasures


Ever since its discovery in the 1900s, the 2000 year old shipwreck in Antikythera island is constantly giving archaeologists and technical divers surprises. Very recently, the dive team in charge of excavating the wreck site has recovered various artifacts such as board game, glassware, flute, and an armrest made of bronze which archaeologists believe to have originated from an ancient throne.

One of the most remarkable artifacts found was a geared mechanism that ancient Greek civilization could have used in monitoring stars, eclipses and cycle of the planets.

The long-term expedition has been made possible by the use of advanced technological devices like autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV), remotely operated vehicle (ROV) and Exosuit – the latest dive suit made by Nuytco Research.

Analysis of the artifacts is ongoing and that may reveal evidences of the ship’s origin. Other recovered artifacts are displayed in a special exhibition The Sunken Treasure of the Antikythera Shipwreck  in Switzerland. The said exhibit will last until March.







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