Underwater Resources, Inc. Relocates Headquarters and Improves Online Experience


Underwater Resources, Inc., a marine construction and underwater welding company operating out of California, is pleased to announce that it has relocated its headquarters from San Francisco, CA to San Leandro, CA. To coincide with this move, the company has also consolidated and streamlined its online presence through an updated website and comprehensive online branding campaign.

In moving to San Leandro, Underwater Resources, Inc. is working to improve its business services by creating cohesion among its offices, shop, warehouse and worksites. After spending 29 years in San Francisco, the company has decided to consolidate its various sites into a massive conglomerate location, operating out of the East Bay in San Leandro.

The company’s new location features a wide variety of improvements that will lend themselves to the company and its day-to-day business operations. In San Leandro, Underwater Resources, Inc. will enjoy a new ½ acre yard, office and warehouse facility, featuring secure storage, parking and office space, intra-office Wi-Fi throughout its office and warehouse. All of the business’ assets will now be accessible via the new site, allowing the company to function at a higher level of efficiency.

Underwater Resources, Inc. will now be centrally located to a wide variety of facilities, including the Oakland Airport, multiple options for access to major Greater Bay Area freeways, bridges (580, 880 and 92) and San Leandro Marina.

“We’re very excited to take this next step in the growth of our business and are looking forward to enjoying all of the new possibilities and potential of our new offices,” said Thomas Belcher, Owner of Underwater Resources, Inc. “We’re still the same marine construction company we’ve always been—only now, we’re making a bigger and better home for ourselves in San Leandro!”

In conjunction with its relocation, Underwater Resources, Inc. is also working to improve its online brand experience, starting with its website. The company has partnered with BizIQ, a small business search engine marketing company, and will shift focus to creating a more prolific online presence. The company’s new website features easier to access company information, as well as a new and shorter URL and email contact addresses.

About Underwater Resources, Inc
Since 1981, Underwater Resources, Inc. has been a premier source for marine construction and commercial diving services, licensed in both California and Nevada. The company offers a full line of services, from coastal construction, underwater inspection, concrete restoration and infrastructure repair, to pipeline inspection, industrial plant repair, and non-destructive testing.

For more information about Underwater Resources, Inc., the company’s recent relocation or to learn more about the company’s continued growth, please visithttp://www.urdiving.com

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