Two TMT’s ROVs Tested and On Their Way to Brazil


Two Total Marine Technology ROVs have just passed deepwater acceptance tests to 3000m in the North Atlantic Ocean with perfect scores. The Typhoon MK2 ROVs are now on their way to Brazil as part of a five year contract with the giant Brazilian energy company, Petrobras.

In total 12 TMT built Typhoon MK2 ROVs are destined for Brazil, installed aboard six vessels, with the first two ROVs installed aboard the new Sapura/Seadrill pipelay vessel, the Sapura Diamante. The Typhoon MK2 ROVs were designed and built in Perth Western Australia by TMT. Installation on the vessels is taking place place in Rotterdam.

The CEO of Total Marine Technology, Paul Colley, said: “We have always known the Typhoon is one of the best ROV systems in the world, however convincing others remains a key challenge to our growth in the future. People struggle with the fact technology of this type can be designed, built and operated by a company based in Western Australia.”

This is a significant milestone for a relatively small player in the heavy work class ROV industry. From their facility in Perth, Western Australia, TMT has built the heavy work class Typhoon MK2 ROV and provided deepwater services such as drill support, heavy construction, maintenance, and pipeline laying and inspection. The TMT Typhoon MK2 ROV is capable of operating at depths of up to 3000 metres.

TMT is the only company designing and building work class ROVs in Australia, and who also provide offshore ROV operation services. The company has been operating since 1999 and employs around 300 people on and offshore. In 2006, TMT became part of the Sapura Group, which merged to form SapuraKencana in 2012. Headquartered in Malaysia, the group employs over 9000 people globally, manufacturing and providing services for the offshore Energy sector.



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