Training at The Underwater Centre takes Ross from Fixing Bikes to Fixing ROVs


Ross Anderson graduated from the Premium ROV Course in 2014 and now works for Aleron Subsea in Aberdeen. Here we look at how his training at The Underwater Centre prepared him for his exciting new subsea career and what it took to get that all-important first job in the ROV industry…

Before starting his ROV career, Ross ran his own successful bike shop business and was a racing bike mechanic so came to the industry with a great deal of technical aptitude and a can-do attitude.

When Ross started looking around for a new career challenge, he stumbled across ROV pilot training and knew this could be the ideal career for him – combining challenging, varied work with travel prospects, flexible work patterns and a good salary.

Investing in the 7-week Premium ROV Course

Once he had ROV training in his sights, he researched as much as he could to find out all about the industry and training requirements. This research led him to The Underwater Centre at Fort William as it is renowned as the world’s leading ROV training centre, providing the best preparation for his chosen new ROV career.

Ross chose the 7 week Premium ROV Course as it gave him the most comprehensive grounding in the skills he’d need to start work as an ROV pilot technician. He also chose it for the hands-on experience of flying in the most realistic subsea training conditions – with divers and ROVs working together as they would in a real-life working environment.

Making every hour count in ROV training

Once he’d decided to invest in ROV pilot training, Ross threw himself into the course, as he says, ‘studying like crazy and making every hour
count’ and he also started his job search as soon as possible. An enthusiastic and dedicated student, Ross had no problems passing all his coursework and he took advantage of the help and advice offered by The Underwater Centre’s ROV team as he began contacting ROV companies.

Determined to get his foot in the door, Ross went out of his way to make himself stand out from the crowd. He got the name of a contact at a company he wanted to work for and made an eye-catching statement in his covering letter – offering to work for free for two weeks sweeping the workshop floor and making cups of tea if that was what was required to get his start in ROV work.

His determination and original approach paid off – he was given a month’s trial and after three weeks of hard work, was invited to become a full-time member of the workshop team. Ross shows that the right skills, training and determination are what it takes to get ahead in the ROV industry.

The Underwater Centre’s Premium ROV Course has been completely updated and now includes additional training modules we know industry want graduates to have. These include Titan 4 Manipulator, High Voltage and Electrical Safety, Fibre Optics including OTDR, and Working at Height training, as well as experience using our VMAX Triton XL Simulator. Visit our website here for more details of these new additions to our ROV training, which are also available as standalone modules; or give our Student Advisors a call on +44 1397 703 786 or email [email protected]







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