Top Five Tips for Commercial Divers


When you graduate from commercial diving school and begin your first job, you need to be ready to do the job well. Whether you’re diving offshore or inland, you have to impress your coworkers from the minute you show up to work.

Here are our top five tips for commercial divers heading to their first job. Of course, these tips also apply when you’re at diving academy too!

1. Listen and Follow Instructions

In commercial diving, every job and every dive is unique. This is one of the best parts of the job. But it also means you need to follow strict protocols and listen to instructions so you can carry out tasks correctly. Respect your coworkers and bosses, and never assume you know everything or you might miss a vital step. In commercial diving, mistakes can cost millions.

2. Know Your Knot

Commercial diving and welding jobs are very technical and challenging, because they take place deep under water. You need to move quickly and accurately at all times. A good commercial diver will know which knot to use in any task, without even thinking. Divers Academy teaches students to tie knots blindfolded and under pressure!

3.Think One Step Ahead

Commercial divers, tenders and underwater welders always need to know what’s coming next. Remember the routines and maintenance for dives, so jobs can go smoothly. The experience offered at Divers Academy will teach you to anticipate what happens in any situation, and which piece of equipment you’ll be using, from rigging and welding tools, to looking after your diving gear.

4. Look Professional

Commercial diving is a thrilling career. Sometimes you just don’t know what you’ll see on your next dive. But whether you’re doing a salvage operation, a river dive, or Hazmat dive, you need to look the part. Turn up to every job on time and well-dressed. Bring all the gear and tools you’ll need for the job, cover any tattoos and piercings, and provide photocopies of all your paperwork. That way, your boss knows you mean business and you’ll be ready to go.

5. Be Professional

Divers Academy demands high standards of professionalism from students, and that’s exactly what employers are looking for. Divers, tenders and welders need to look professional, but they also need to be professional. Commercial diving is a tight community, so honesty and integrity are really important for getting ahead. Proving that you’re reliable and know your stuff will give you a great advantage for a long and successful career in commercial diving!










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