SUT+ explores the world of diving at the National Hyperbaric Centre


National Hyperbaric Centre again welcomed the SUT+ to their facility in Aberdeen to introduce delegates to the commercial diving industry and hyperbaric medicine.

NHC houses one of the few fully functional land-based saturation diving systems in the world and provides subsea and pressure related training, services and expertise to clients worldwide. The centre is uniquely placed to offer an insight into a real offshore diving environment within a safe and controlled location.

Delegates were hosted by NHC Training Manager and experienced diver, Richard Watson, who conducted a presentation on commercial diving, hyperbaric medicine and pressure testing of subsea equipment. This was followed by a tour of the NHC facility where the group was introduced to the Saturation System and Control Room and could really get a sense of the roles and responsibilities of a dive support team. There was then an opportunity to enter one of the decompression chambers that divers would inhabit during a saturation dive. Only when you get the chance to enter one of these chambers can you fully appreciate the confines in which up to 8 divers have to live in for up to 28 days.

The Aberdeen Branch SUT+ first visited the NHC in March 2015 and following positive feedback they quickly arranged another visit for a new group of delegates which received equally positive feedback. NHC is always keen to accommodate tours and introduce people to the extraordinary world of commercial diving and has developed an Introduction to Diving course to give delegates a more detailed introduction to commercial diving.







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