Students Experience ROV Offshore Operations


One of the benefits of training as an ROV pilot technician or commercial diver at The Underwater Centre in Fort William is the range of subsea industry activity that students are exposed to.  As well as providing subsea training, The Underwater Centre also provides the facilities and marine environment for subsea trials and testing.  This means that there are frequently vessels and personnel on site from a range of companies in the marine sector.

ROV pilot technician students often get the opportunity to work from different platforms, vessels, ships and multiple dive sites, at depths ranging from 5m to over 150m.

ROV mooring line inspection

Due to vessel movement as a result of recent trials, the current ROV pilot technician class had the opportunity to carry out a mooring line inspection at our 100m deep-water site from our ROV support vessel.  In addition, students completed a survey of the azimuth thrusters on the vessel and anode inspection.

This particular training site is deeper than some parts of the North Sea, so gives students the chance to gain experience and knowledge outwith the high-pressure offshore working environment.

Offshore operations

Operations are carried out from vessels just as they would be offshore: on arrival on the vessel students receive a Toolbox Talk, followed by carrying out a site appraisal and risk assessments, before starting on the day’s piloting.

Another ROV class recently had the opportunity to perform a search and recovery of a lost object from another of the Centre’s vessels, this time from a workboat.  This involved the planning, mapping and recovery of an object in depths of over 40m.

Most operations are carried out from the ROV control vans on The Underwater Centre’s pier, into depths ranging from 5m to 50m, still operating under offshore guidelines; however the range of vessels and operations carried out on a daily basis at the Centre provides opportunities throughout the year to expand on the knowledge gained as part of the core ROV courses.



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