Statoil Takes ‘Mokul Nordic’ on Charter in North Sea


Nordic Maritime, a leading offshore service operator, today announced its newest DP2 vessel, Mokul Nordic, has been contracted for a 30 days firm + optional 15 days charter in the North Sea by international energy provider, Statoil.

“At Nordic Maritime, we are delighted to have won our inaugural contract with Statoil in 2014, the year in which we celebrate our 15th anniversary,” said Kjell Gauksheim, Nordic Maritime CEO.

Mokul Nordic is a DP2 VS470 MKIII subsea service vessel capable of ROV/IMR operations.

Having just completed her inaugural charter, with N-Sea Offshore, Mokul Nordic will remain in the North Sea and today starts on a job with international energy provider, Statoil.

“Mokul Nordic has IMR capacities which fit our client’s requirement and is capable of a great deal also for North Sea operation,” explained Gauksheim. “She is economical and that fact, coupled with her high capacity, is what our client saw in her.”

Mokul Nordic is specially customised and equipped to perform IMR/ROV work. The vessel has a 100-tonne active heave compensated offshore knuckle-boom crane and built-in swell compensation systems per 2,000m depth. Compliant with SPS 2008 Code & Clean and Comfort class notation, Mokul Nordic can accommodate 60 people, offers full cargo deck capacity, and logistical support to extend full usage flexibility.

“Her sister vessel, Nordic Amprak, is currently under construction and will be delivered in the second quarter of 2015,” Gauksheim added.

Separately, Gauksheim also confirmed Nordic Maritime is in the final build stages of a new Research Catamaran which pioneers unique OBN (Ocean Bottom Node) technology, for use in seismic support and subsea mapping. The as-yet-unnamed catamaran will be available for chartering in South East Asia from January 2015.



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