SeaRoc: First Maintenance Visit to Forewind’s Dogger Bank Met Masts Complete


SeaRoc Group, a specialist provider of marine and engineering services for offshore renewable energy projects, has successfully completed the first major maintenance visit to Forewind’s Dogger Bank meteorological (met) masts in the North Sea at the beginning of June.

The East (DB-MME) and West (DB-MMW) masts have been installed for 15 and 8 months respectively and scheduled structural inspection, instrumentation and cleaning tasks were undertaken. The met masts are collecting valuable wind, wave, atmospheric and marine traffic data for the proposed wind farms on Dogger Bank. The data will be used to help assess the technical options and economic viability of the projects in the zone.

The work was completed on time and to budget using the vessel ‘DP Galyna’ which has an Ampelmann access system permanently fitted providing a ‘walk to work’ gangway for maintenance personnel. SeaRoc continue to expand their met mast and offshore wind farm operation and maintenance capability and have also worked on Narec’s NOAH mast off Blyth, Northumberland.

Neil Pittam, OceanPod Manager at SeaRoc, said: “The range of services offered under the OceanPod banner continues to grow, and it is extremely satisfying to have been part of the project team who have supplied, installed and maintained the masts. We are committed to establishing long-term relationships with our clients and this provides the many benefits associated with team continuity.”

Nachaat Tahmaz, Operations and Safety Manager at Forewind, said: “SeaRoc had supported Forewind earlier through the design and construction of the met masts and now again during this operation and maintenance trip.

“We appreciate the relationship we have built with the SeaRoc team and the quality job they managed to do in a short timeframe.”



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