Search and Retrieval Operations Ongoing for Flight QZ8501


The search and retrieval operations is ongoing for the missing AirAsia Flight QZ8501. A special dive unit has been assembled to scour the crash site for more debris, victims’ bodies and to find the plane’s data recorder by the time the weather conditions become better. The dive team referred to as the Frog Troops consisting of 57 military divers are aboard the naval vessel KRI Banda Aceh.

Based on the latest information, five significant bits and pieces were seen 30 meters beneath the surface. One of which measures 18 x 5.4 meters. The team was not able to recover the object before due to the bad weather.

Underwater cameras are being used in the operation but strong waves make the task daunting. 37 confirmed corpses have already been retrieved out of the more than 160 passengers on board the aircraft.

The Frog Troops will dive the bottom of the Java Sea as authorities think more passengers are still attached to their seats onboard the aircraft.


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