Power in the wind: StatoilHydro inaugurates floating wind farm


Hywind floating

Norwegian energy company StatoilHydro yesterday inaugurated a pilot installation of its floating wind turbine, Hywind.

The NOK 340 million project, with an additional investment of NOK 59 million from Enova, has created a 65 m tall, 2.3 MW wind turbine installed on a floatation platform of the kind used in offshore applications. It can be used in waters up to 120-700 m deep.

Siemens Wind Power produced the 80 m diameter turbine, with French company Technip providing the floater and Nexans the power cabling.

The Hywind pilot installation was assembled in the Åmøy Fjord near Stavanger in northern Norway and was towed to a site 10 km south-west of Karmøy island earlier this summer for a two-year test run.

“Floating wind power remains an immature technology, and the road to commercialisation and full-scale construction of wind farms will be long,” says Margareth Øvrum of StatoilHydro.

“Our goal with the Hywind pilot to test how wind and waves affect the structure, learn how the operating concept can be optimised and identify technology gaps,” she says.


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