Port Macquarie Artificial Reef One Step Closer


The Port Macquarie Artificial Reef loadout was completed last week and the vessel Leaders Creek from Polaris and its barge load of reef modules arrived in Port Macquarie.

The purpose built reef will be installed 6km off the River mouth providing recreational anglers with access to new habitat and enhanced fishing opportunities.

The reef will feature 20 of Subcon’s Australian-designed ReefTemple modules, each weighing 23Te and standing up to 6.5m tall.

The ReefTemples are designed to create complex, sustainable habitat that promotes the establishment of diverse marine ecosystems in otherwise sandy locations.

The Subcon-patented design uses a polymer fibre reinforced concrete to build a shape suited to supporting a strong, healthy and ecologically diverse population of marine Fauna and Flora.

Subcon is supporting ongoing research by the University of Sydney at the Shoalhaven Reef. It also has reefs installed in Hervey Bay, Moreton Bay and has two projects underway off the Western Australian coast.



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