PHOTO: Fugro Gets New Geotech Vessel


PHOTO Fugro Gets New Geotech Vessel

Tebma Shipyards has delivered Fugro’s new Geotechnical Research Vessel “FUGRO SCOUT“ at its shipyard at Malpe, India.

Earlier in 2013, Temba also delivered FUGRO SCOUT’s sister vessel “FUGRO VOYAGER”.

According to specifications, the vessel is a mini-drill ship capable of drawing soil samples up to 3 kilometers below sea bed and constructed in accordance with the latest rules and regulations of Det Norske Veritas(DNV) and International Maritime Organization(IMO).

The DP 2 vessel is powered by diesel electrical propulsion systems and equipped with automated pipe and tool handling to promote safe drilling floor operations for Sea bed Sampling & Testing.

With quarters for up to 60 personnel, the vessel also comes with a soil laboratory that provides an open-plan working environment for the geotechnicians.






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