PGS in Nordland Ridge Survey


PGS will conduct a 8 200 sq. km survey of the Nordland Ridge area of the Norwegian Sea, starting early May and to be completed in 2016, the company informed on Thursday.

This prefunded GeoStreamer project extends the existing PGS library coverage of the Halten Terrace to provide a regional dataset of over 29 000 sq. km. Fast track products from this new survey should be ready in early 2017, the company said.

According to PGS, the program will cover all relevant APA licenses in this part of the Norwegian Sea.

The new survey will cover the northern part of the Dønna Terrace, the Rødøy High, and extend northwards over the southern part of the Træna Basin and the Nordland Ridge.

For this survey, PGS said it will use an acquisition configuration of 14 streamers with 75 m separation.



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