Pemex Workers Return to GOM Platform after Gas Leak


Personnel at Mexico’s state-owned petroleum company, Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), have returned after a gas leak caused 85 workers to be evacuated Tuesday, a Pemex spokesperson confirmed in an email to Rigzone.

Reuters reported that 85 workers were evacuated from the Sihil A platform in the Gulf of Mexico Tuesday while the company worked to control a gas leak.

“There were no workers injured nor was there a presence of a fire,” the spokesperson said. “At this time, personnel has returned to the Sihil A platform to conduct repair work.”

According to Pemex’s Twitter page, where the company posts updates on incidents at its facilities, the evacuation was done as a preventive measure and no damage was reported to the facility.

In June, Pemex confirmed an accident on platform Akal-H at one of its major operations in the southern Gulf of Mexico, Reuters reported, marking it as the company’s third high seas incident this year.








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