Oceanic Offshore celebrate their achievements


oceanic offshore

One hundred special guests were invited to a special ceremony at Nutall Drive in the King Bay Industrial Estate, Dampier, last Friday the 6th of November.

Local company Oceanic Offshore were celebrating the grand opening of their fabulous new office and base. The impressive new offices  are an exciting step forward for the locally owned company and the result of their many years of hard work, planning, determination and success.

The event also included  an official naming ceremony of Nutall Drive.

Oceanic Offshore is a commercial diving company established by the CEO, Kevin Nuttall in 1997 with the aim of being Australia’s most diversified air diving company, owned by Australian’s, operating out of Western Australia.  Kevin has 28 years of commercial diving experience in both air diving and saturation diving.

Since 1978 Kevin has been self-employed in underwater contracting and has gained the respect of many senior personnel for whom he has completed work.  Kevin has been joined by his two sons Troy and Glen who have taken on senior management roles within the company.  Oceanic Offshore, as a team, have completed a diverse range projects for all major companies based in the North West of Australia.  The team are committed to the highest level of health and safety, and pride themselves on their professional approach and extensive knowledge of both the diving industry in the Pilbara.

A congratulations and thanks goes to everyone who attended to mark their achievements and success.  A fantastic night was enjoyed by everyone who attended.



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