NHC Delivers Specialist Training Courses, UK


In-depth courses for doctors from around the world is being delivered at a specialist North-east oil and gas industry support and training facility.

The National Hyperbaric Centre in Aberdeen, is delivering specialist training, which involves practical exercises within the world’s only independently run saturation diving complex, capable of taking divers to simulated depths of 450m.

Doctors experience the restraints and difficulties of practising diving medicine in confined conditions, along with learning the restrictions of equipment for use under such pressures.

The course is delivered by experts from NHS Grampian’s Hyperbaric Medical Team who specialise in diving medicine, and are supported by experts from the UK including the Navy and Hyperbaric consultants.

Scott Graham, NHC operations manager said: “We are trying to develop the next generation of diving medical experts to successfully continue supporting commercial divers in the event of injury or illness whilst living under pressure on-board the new-age diving vessels.

“Even though Divers are separated only by the 12mm thick steel wall of the saturation diving chamber, it can take up to 5 days for their bodies to gradually adjust to normal atmospheric conditions where they can receive normal hospital treatment. We need to ensure that a team of experts is always available and their knowledge of these conditions is fully up to date.”

Source: Subsea World News


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