N-Sea Officially Launches TUP Diving System, The Netherlands


On Thursday November 28th N-Sea celebrated the official launch of the TUP Diving System® at the TUP Aware Party at N-Sea Head Quarters in Zierikzee, The Netherlands.

Gerard Keser, managing Director of N-Sea and guest speaker Peter Valkenier of Wintershall launched the TUP Diving System® in a festive atmosphere, a ceremony filled with infotainment, enabling fellow professionals and personnel to meet and learn about the increase in efficiency and safety TUP Diving System® brings to the market.

TUP Diving System® the world’s first air diving system can be equipped with a hyperbaric lifeboat, enabling N-Sea to offer a safer, more efficient and cost effective diving solution to the market.

The TUP Diving System® consists of a 3-man diving bell, launch and recovery system, triple-lock decompression chamber, gas diver control (air/Trimix/Nitrox) and hyperbaric rescue craft. The TUP Diving System® refit and enhancement conforms to IMCA guidelines and surpasses the uppermost standards set by Lloyd’s.

N-Sea designed and manufactured the TUP Diving System® in-house. The system has an extensive track record with over 2,300 bell runs to date. The system has undergone a comprehensive refit and been converted into a mobile system, deployable from most DPII support vessels and platforms.

The re-introduced TUP (Transfer Under Pressure) Diving System® is a safe system which saves you money and time on diving operations. It offers a number of advantages when compared to traditional surface supply diving operations and saturation diving operations.

The Safe Sound and Swift benefits of the TUP Diving System® in a nutshell;

– Safe – No surface decompression interval, protected transfer to the splashzone,

– Sound – An enhanced proven solution that increases workable bottom time,

– Swift – Mobile system, deployable within 24hr of hitting the quayside.

Efficiency gains with TUP

Now with Nitrox, efficiency begins at a much shallower depth range (25 msw) when compared to traditional surface oriented air diving. A diver’s workable bottom time in the 25 to 33 m water depth range is over 60 minutes longer. The reduced nitrogen component accumulated during diving also shortens the decompression time. Compared to saturation diving systems in tidal areas between 35 and 50 m water depth, the TUP Diving System® is a safe and cost competitive alternative as bottom times are almost identical.

N-Sea is known for its strong, innovative and successful position as an offshore subsea contractor in the North Sea. N-Sea provides the following services to the oil and gas, renewable and subsea cable industries: Subsea Construction Support, Diving and ROV, IMR, Survey and Positioning. Besides its offshore activities, N-Sea is also active as an underwater contractor in the coastal, harbour and inland civil works.



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