This is the PDF of the presentation, comments from survey respondents, and samples of the Operating Experience which INPO (Institute of Nuclear Power Operators) has given me permission to share with Commercial Divers all around the world. It is important we start and continue open, frank, and engaged communication. How can we improve, or find out where we have gaps, and how best to solve issues and close gaps, if we do not listen to each other?

Here and there during the presentations at UI 2015, I saw a few skeptical looks on the data, and remarks that these answers were not necessarily correct. The point I was trying to show with this presentation is that we have little access to important information which can prevent the recurrence of events, be it from federal agencies which do not know how to properly track commercial diving accidents, or companies which cover up the facts. The important thing here, I want to remind you, is that a survey is not fact. If you want hard facts on data then you need a census which collects information about EVERY member of a population. Well, we don’t have access to every member of the whole population of divers. What we have is a sample and an opinion piece. If we do not agree with the majority of opinions and we think this majority is wrong, then we need to collectively reflect on how to better educate or communicate what we believe is correct.

From my own limited experience supervising divers at the nuclear plant, I always saw a group of guys eager to work safely when given the tools to do so. They did not cut corners, and they worked hard. They certainly took pride in keeping a tight and clean work station, even if they required coaching once in a while; but given the time to do so, they cleaned up and picked up well.

Also note that yes, this survey was directed toward the guys out there getting in the water. They may not always be up to date with education and regulation trends and conversations, so I was curious to know what they think and feel, where they come from etc. Our next surveys can be tailored for contractors and/or clients, or even supervisors etc.

Down Load Presentation Here: http://www.thedivers…itudes-ui-2015/






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