Missing Ocean Beach man found dead


A commercial diver’s body has been found floating off of South Mission Beach. The body was discovered by a kayaker near Oceanfront Walk, San Diego on Friday around 2:30 in the afternoon. He was the Ocean Beach man that went missing on Halloween.

Scott Braswell Bowles, 37 years of age was supposed to pick up his daughter but went missing leaving his car and cellphone behind. The cause of his death is still unknown.

The Medical Examiner’s Office who examined the remains stated that the body has been floating in the water for quite some time. San Diego authorities are still investigating for the possible cause of death of Scott.

“You never want to outlive your kids and that’s what we’re dealing with right now,” John Bowles (father) said. “Maybe he was overconfident or something and I don’t know if he got caught up in a rip current or you know, hit his head jumping into the ocean. There’s just no telling … there were no signs other than the fact that he drowned” he added.

Scott was a very experienced swimmer and a Navy veteran. He was involved in submarine jobs for several years prior to living in San Diego.

Scott’s parents will be going to San Diego on Sunday for the memorial service of their son. 


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