MCG: Super High Resolution MC2D Survey in Hoop Area Complete


MCG, in cooperation with Exploro AS, announced the completion of the acquisition of the Super High Resolution MC2D survey in the Hoop area in the Norwegian Barents Sea.

Altogether more than 5,600 km of high quality data has been acquired through a busy summer season. The seismic data was acquired by Guardline and will be processed by DownUnder GeoSolution (DUG) applying modern broadband and high resolution techniques. Preliminary results show very interesting structures and frequencies up to 300 Hz. Regular seismic data has main frequency distribution between 50-80 Hz.

Following OMV’s and Statoil’s drilling results in the Hoop area this summer, it is very evident that the reservoir distribution, as well as the seismic anomalies, are not fully understood on existing 2D and 3D data. MCG’s Super High Resolution MC2D has been designed to focus on these challenges with resolution down to 10 m and towing a cable long enough to provide oil companies with analyses of seismic anomalies, AVO.

The Super High Resolution MC2D will be fully available early December 2014 in due time for the application date of the 23rd Concession Round in Norway which is expected H2 2015.



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