Liverpool divers in historic search for Bonnie Prince Charlie gold



A father and son diving team from Liverpool believe they have uncovered the wreck of a gold-laden galleon intended for Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Veteran diver Joe McCormack, originally from Scotland Road, and son Kevin, are leading an ambitious project to excavate the seabed off Anglesey where it is believed the 18th-century vessel foundered.

The ship is thought to have been carrying gold from Louis XV of France to Bonnie Prince Charlie while he was hiding on the Scottish Islands after the failed Jacobite Rebellion of 1745/46.

Around 20 expert divers, technicians and TV crews will descend on the wreck site 50ft below the sea near Holyhead.

Former saturation diver Joe, 65, who now lives in Ormskirk, said the wreck was a “blessing for Anglesey”.

He said: “This will be a world-famous historical location if we find what we expect at this site and it could change our knowledge of this period.

“We do not know the name of the ship yet but we know from the ship’s manifest there were 852,000 Louis d’or gold coins in the cargo. We will get the ship’s name once we find the remainder of the ship’s bell and then know exactly what we have found.

“This is a lifetime dream for me, after more than 30 years of diving.

“This is of such historical importance, these were vessels that, if they had got through to their destination, could have changed the history of the UK.”

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