LDD Conducts Foundation Installation for Etame Marin Block Off Gabon


LDD, an Acteon company, continues to enhance its global footprint by installing drilled and grouted piles as part of the Etame Marin block field expansion programme, offshore Gabon, West Africa.

VAALCO Gabon (Etame) Inc. is the operator of the Etame Marin block. LDD will deliver a specialist foundation installation programme, including drilling, grouting, lifting and handling. The fieldwork phase for the LDD operation started in April.

For the jacket installation, LDD will work closely with EMAS AMC to install four 48-in.-outside-diameter piles for each jacket. Each pile will be 140 m in length, including a penetration of approximately 50 m below the mudline. The piles will be inserted into sockets drilled below the pile at each leg using 54-in.-diameter underreaming drill bits.

LDD will utilise its LD2500 drill and associated downhole equipment and provide a range of grouting equipment, including grout stingers and reusable pile bungs. The lifting and handling aspect of the project will be carried out by Acteon sister company LM Handling. LDD’s involvement in field work will last approximately 30 days.

Lee Edwards, projects manager, LDD, said, “The contract was awarded on the basis of LDD’s track record, including the successful completion of drilling and grouting work on the Ebouri platform for VAALCO Gabon (Etame) Inc. in 2008. The results of our work on the Etame Marin block expansion programme will further raise awareness of our expertise in jacket installation and underline our strong market position as a jacket installation services specialist.”

EMAS AMC, the subsea services division of EMAS, is undertaking the block expansion project on behalf of VAALCO Gabon (Etame) Inc. and its working interest partners. The work includes engineering, procuring, installing and commissioning (EPIC) of rigid pipelines, along with transporting and installing flexible pipelines and two fixed production platforms, Etame and Southeast Etame/North Tchibala (SEENT), in water depths of 80 m. The platform jackets are four-leg, space-frame towers with a leg centre-to-centre spacing of approximately 14 × 22 m at the top (work point) and 31 × 31 m at the base.



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