Irish Naval Service Divers Get Hand Held Sonar & Navigation System


The Irish Navy has acquired a ‘Navigator Diver Held Sonar and Navigation System’ manufactured by Shark Marine Technologies Inc. of Ontario, Canada. The navy divers believe the system equipped with forward-looking multi-beam sonar will assist them in their diving operations, in particular in search and recovery operations and underwater security.

The Naval Service Diving Section (NSDS) is the primary State diving team, carrying out varied tasks for a number of State Agencies.

Members of the NSDS used the NAVIGATOR system while training with the Royal Canadian Navy’s fleet diving unit, according to the Ottawa Citizen newspaper.

The  device is used in ship hull inspections as well as to assist local civilian authorities in searching for drowning victims and underwater criminal evidence.

The use of the Navigators can, according to Shark marine, enhance the divers’ situational awareness, their area coverage rate, and their personal safety by providing them with real time information regarding position, depth and heading, as well as an extended visual range through the use of an imaging sonar.



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