INROS LACKNER in Baltic 2 OWF Project


In the last week of August, the first of a total of 80 wind energy plants of the Baltic 2 offshore wind farm has been erected. For INROS LACKNER this also marks an important milestone for the offshore project which, on behalf of EnBW, is being supported with wide-ranging professional commitment.

The wind farm, with a total capacity of 288 MW, is located some 32 km north of Rugia island and will produce 1,200 gigawatt-hours of electricity per year, thus supplying electricity for around 340,000 households.

On behalf of EnBW, INROS LACKNER has already been involved in the construction of the Baltic 1 in the German Baltic Sea, the first commercial offshore wind farm. Since 2009, INROS LACKNER has now been participating in the creation of the Baltic 2 offshore wind farm. Subsequent to planning and tender-related tasks (i.e. major subsoil investigations and internal wind farm cable network), INROS LACKNER has been responsible for the contractual management, in accordance with international FIDIC guidelines, of the lots for the construction of the foundations, the substation and the internal wind farm cable network.

Since the beginning of the offshore construction measures in 2013, an engineering consortium has been responsible for the coordination of the local quality control, the HSE construction site management, the site supervision, the HSE control and the safety and health protection coordination. Furthermore, INROS LACKNER has been charged with a variety of engineering services related to the establishment of the grid connection for the Transmission System Operator 50 Hertz and the submarine cable manufacturer nkt cables (i.e. site supervision, safety and health protection coordination, HSE management for the cable laying, among others).



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