Hart, Joly, and Wilson join S&J Diving, Inc.



    S&J Diving Inc. has announced three additions to its staff.

    Gerald Hart will be manager of business development.  Hart has 30 years of worldwide work experience in the oil and gas industry, an education in electronics engineering technology and extensive knowledge in offshore operations.  He is a member of the Society for Underwater Technology, the Marine Technology Society and the Hydrographic Society.  He also is co-chairman of the Underwater Intervention Job Fair.

    John Joly will assist with project coordination and business development.  Joly has 30 years of experience in oilfield construction, where he served as diver, supervisor and superintendent prior to becoming a consultant for projects consisting of platform decommissioning, pipeline flushing, hydro-testing and abandonment, platform removal, subsequent scrapping and site clearance.

    Chad W. Wilson joined the staff last October as a member of the project management support team.  He will assume the position of development coordinator.  Wilson’s work history includes four years in the Navy, marine engineering division, eight years of commercial diving and four years as company representative-inspector.

    Visit S&J Diving at www.sjdiving.com.



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