Hallin Wins Lamnalco Diving System Order


hallin marine5th of November, 2009 — Subsea diving system and ROV manufacturer Hallin has won a contract to design and build a surface mixed gas diving system.

The order has been placed by the Middle East based Lamnalco Limited, who provides terminal support services worldwide.

The mixed gas diving spread will comprise an A frame launch and recovery system, a containerised 3 man deck decompression chamber, high and low pressure compressors, divers’ hot-water machine, dive panel, SCUBA replacement pack, and various divers’ equipment.

The manufacturing division of Hallin is a global leader in the design and manufacture of air, mixed gas and saturation diving systems and will build the system at its Singapore manufacturing facility.

The manufacturing arm of the Hallin group started in Singapore almost a decade ago, originally building saturation diving systems for the company’s own use.

Andrew Threlfall, the division’s MD said: ‘Hallin Manufacturing is delighted to have satisfied the demanding requirements of Lamnalco and been awarded this contract in the face of strong local competition.’


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