Hallin’s Commissions US$110 million ‘Groundbreaking’ CSS Vessel



    Hallin’s CEO John Giddens: ‘The CSS delivers big ship capability in a low cost package…. It will support the oil operators’ desire to improve production and reduce costs…

    Hallin Marine has commissioned a new build, US$110 million, groundbreaking semi-submersible, subsea operations vessel to be named the CSS Derwent.

    The 84 metre compact semi submersible (CSS) is the culmination of a five-year project designed to deliver ‘large boat capability’ at a price of a much smaller vessel with a primary focus on light well intervention.

    Hallin and its partners have achieved the goal that has proved elusive to the subsea industry by designing a vessel that uses a semi-submersible style hull to provide exceptional seakeeping characteristics, increase deck space and provide good project load carrying capacity.

    The result is the CSS Derwent, a dynamically positioned class 3 (DP3) vessel fitted with a 200 tonne multi-purpose tower, a 150 tonne active heave crane, both operational to depths of 3,000 metres; along with two deep water construction class ROVs.

    Hallin is confident that the CSS Derwent, which boasts two moon pools, accommodation for 152 personnel and the operational deck space comparable to a 120 metre vessel, will set new levels of performance, sea-keeping and operational flexibility for a vessel of its size.

    Key to the diesel electric powered CSS Derwent’s success will be its strong financial advantage over larger vessels of a similar capability.

    Speaking at the signing of the build contract with Drydocks World in Singapore, Hallin’s chief executive, John Giddens, said the CSS Derwent showed faith and optimism in the subsea oil and gas industry:

    ‘There are very few new build vessels being ordered for our industry and certainly none as exciting or as groundbreaking as the CSS Derwent.

    ‘She will have the capacity of a 120 metre vessel, but not the cost either initially or operationally.

    ‘We are delighted to sign the contract today to have the CSS Derwent built; the level of interest in her since we started talking about the concept has been huge and it is easy to see why – the CSS Derwent is designed to have the operational capacity of a large DSV or MSV or traditional semi submersible, but as a lower cost alternative.

    ‘We came up with the concept some five years ago and the design development has been a very carefully considered commercial and technical process, backed by extensive testing, development and equipment selection.

    ‘We are confident that the outcome is a cost effective vessel with a high level of capability that significantly exceeds that of similar length units and with an improved weather working capability.

    ‘The CSS Derwent will support the oil operators’ desire to improve production and reduce costs. Here at Hallin we believe that the CSS is the future’

    The CSS Derwent is MODU compliant and, when interfaced with the Superior-owned 3,000m Lubricator systems, provides a one-stop shop for subsea light well intervention, inspection repair and maintenance, plus subsea construction support.

    The CSS Derwent was designed by STX Canada Marine Inc and has undergone extensive testing and development.  The yard and equipment suppliers have been assessed through a rigorous tender process and selected on the basis of capability and proven performance.

    The CSS Derwent will join the Hallin fleet during the second quarter of 2012. The project has been backed by Hallin’s parent company, Superior Energy Services, Inc, further supporting the combined strategy to grow this business sector.

    The CSS Derwent will be the third vessel that Drydocks World has built for Hallin, and will join the SOV Ullswater and the SOV Windermere.

    The CSS Derwent’s key points:

    ·         ABS Class +A1 Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit +AMS (E) DP3 UWILD Helideck

    ·         Multi Purpose Tower with 200T SWL AHC, and 3000m hook travel

    ·         150T SWL active heave compensated knuckleboom subsea crane which will work in 3,000 metre depths

    ·         100T SWL draw works with built in deck skid system

    ·         Combination of tower and crane gives a versatile twin deployment capability with vessel ballasted down to 14m deep water capability – enhanced stability

    ·         Built in ROV hangers amidships and starboard house 2 off 250hp construction class ROVs, both operational to depths of 3,000 metres.

    ·         Compact Semi-submersible hull form has been designed for greater sea keeping capabilities when in DP mode.

    ·         Speed 10+ knots

    ·         Deck space comparable to 120m plus vessels

    ·         Construction and umbilical installation capability

    ·         Large cargo deck area – in excess of 1300m² at 10T/m²

    ·         Working deck designed to give a single length run of 50m and width of 32m within easy access of the subsea crane

    ·         Deadweight 3200T @ 8.2m

    ·         Deck Cargo 1500T @10T/m²

    ·         Cargo deck free area 1300m²

    ·         Main generator engine 6 x 2800KW @ 900rpm

    ·         Thrusters 4 x 3000KW; 450KN thrust



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