GeoSea Begins 3rd Round of Foundation Installation on Westermost Rough


With the departure of the installation vessel INNOVATION from the port Aalborg, GeoSea has now started the 3rd  foundation installation cycle on the Westermost Rough offshore wind farm.

INNOVATION has loaded 5 large monopiles and transition pieces of the next installation cycle in the port of Aalborg, which are currently transported across the North Sea to be installed immediately on the off shore site 9 km from Hull. Already 10 monopiles and transition pieces are installed offshore.

GeoSea started end February with the first location and is still on  schedule even with the winter storms and the particular challenging soil conditions on the offshore site.

The INNOVATION is performing very well thanks to use of a highly sophisticated piling frame and improved jacking procedures, both developed by GeoSea’s in house engineering department. This groundbreaking approach allows INNOVATION to work in higher sea states and leads to decreased cycle times.

The installation works are scheduled to be finished by June 2014.



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