Galoc FPSO mooring system repairs under way


Offshore staff

PERTH, Australia — Repairs to the mooring and riser system of the Galoc field FPSO are under way, according to Otto Energy. All of the necessary equipment for repairs have been secured and mobilized to the field along with a saturation diving team and two support vessels, the AHV Sea Sovereign and the Rubicon Maverick.

Repairs are expected to take approximately seven days to complete, subject to weather. Production is scheduled to resume by mid-February.

In addition to the repairs to the riser system, a Hold Back Mooring System (HBMS) will also be installed on the stern of the FPSO. The HBMS is designed to improve the FPSO’s ability to maintain station and reduce the frequency of occurrences that the mooring and riser system is laid down when weather conditions are unfavorable.


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