First ccourse takes place in TWI SEA’s new premises in Kuala Lumpur


TWI South East Asia’s newly built business premises in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is attracting attention for its world-leading underwater facilities as plans to make it a centre for underwater technical training are underway.

Equipped with the latest technology the 650m3 dive tank, with a depth of 6.5 meters caters for underwater inspectors and welders, providing both trainers and students with high quality, real-life training conditions.

In August this year, the first Malaysian Commercial Diving Competency Course, a premier course organised and taught through an established Malaysian-based institution, took place using the new facilities. The course was completed by ten students keen to improve their employment opportunities by becoming certified underwater welders. The training was seen as a benchmark event to establish professional underwater training in Malaysia for the region and overseas students.

Candidates taking underwater courses can access the state-of-the-art dive area facilities including a diver platform, overhead crane, changing room, and diving control room. Meals and refreshments are also available in the on-site cafeteria.

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