Essex space research pool would be world’s deepest


A university is in “exploratory discussions” to build the world’s deepest swimming pool for spaceflight and human endurance research.

According to information provided by Blue Abyss, the pool has a huge scope from spaceflight research programmes to environmental monitoring and could be as deep as 50 metres and will offer the ability to simulate outer space and deep sea environments in one location.

It will also specialise in training in advanced commercial diving techniques, alongside research into marine environments, human physiology and companies will be able to test remotely operated vehicles and aerospace development.

Read the full story in tomorrow’s Gazette. The standard Olympic diving pool is 5m deep.

Blue Abyss crowdfunding mission is to raise £150,000 (about $230,000 USD) to cover costs concerned with its negotiations, as well as to finalize plans for the pool’s construction and the survey of the pool’s site.

University of Essex registrar Bryn Morris said the pool idea, on the Knowledge Gateway research and business park, fitted in “very well” with the university’s “strengths”.

He said the university had already carried out work with robotic fish and had specialisms, including marine conservation, which could complement the project.

Partnering with Blue Abyss, who developed the concept, the university hopes to increase funding for the project.

“We are now intent on developing links with a number of the world’s highest profile organisations and companies and see this as a key step towards realising our objectives”.

European Space Agency astronaut Tim Peake also gave the project his seal of approval.


He said: “I support Blue Abyss and sees this future facility as something that does not yet exist in Europe and that would compete with, or potentially even surpass, what is available in the United States and Russian Federation”.






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