EMEC to Host Session at Atlantic Stakeholder Conference


EMEC is hosting a session at the Atlantic Stakeholder Conference in Porto, Portugal next week (Tuesday 20th January 2015).

Bringing the key players from European open-water ocean energy test sites together, the session will identify key issues of common interest across marine energy test sites, and share information to enable lessons to be learnt to speed up the development of new wave and tidal technologies.

Oliver Wragg, EMEC’s Commercial Director, will speak alongside:

  • Joaquín Hernández-Brito, Manager at the Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands (PLOCAN);
  • Anna Brito e Melo, Executive Director at WavEC Offshore Renewables (WavEC);
  • Izan Le Crom, MRE Project Manager at SEM-REV;
  • John Breslin, General Manager at SmartBay Ireland.

The purpose of the conference is to provide high-quality education and networking opportunities that could lead to the development of joint projects across the Atlantic area.

The conference is designed to cover all facets of the blue economy and workshops are to focus on current and emerging issues, best practices and cooperation on a trans-regional or cross-border basis.



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