Diving, salvage companies expand Alaska services


    Offshore Divers and Global Diving and Salvage Inc. recently announced expanded services for the Alaska marketplace through the formation of Global Offshore Divers based in Anchorage. These two companies combine to provide mixed gas and saturation diving capabilities for offshore oil and gas fields. For more than 10 years, Offshore Divers has provided Alaska-based divers to the oil and gas production and marine construction industries. The Alaska management will be actively involved in management of Global Offshore Divers, a wholly owned division of Global Diving and Salvage Inc. The parent company, Global Diving and Salvage Inc., began in 1979 as a diving and marine support company based in Washington. It currently specializes in deep diving capabilities up to 1,000 feet of water depth with saturation systems, mixed-gas surface diving, remotely operated vehicles, marine salvage capabilities and emergency response.


    Commercial Diving Salvage in Alaska
    Commercial Diving Salvage in Alaska


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