Divers attempt to reach Flight QZ8501 fuselage


Air Traffic Control lost contact with AirAsia Flight QZ8501 during a routine travel from Surabaya, Indonesia to Singapore on December 28, 2014 due to severe weather condition.

Indonesian divers were able to track and recover the plane’s black box which contains vital information as to what caused the unfortunate plane crash that took 162 lives. One of the significant data that the authorities can acquire from the black box is the last 2-hour conversation of the pilots with air traffic control. The analysis will be conducted in the capital of Jakarta and will take approximately one month to complete.

Singapore navy also found portion of the plane’s body last week where many believe that the victims’ remains are still trapped inside the wreckage. So far 53 bodies have already been recovered and being prepared for their proper burial.

The divers were having a hard time reaching the fuselage because they are consistently hindered by bad weather and strong currents in the Java Sea. Some of the frogmen despite being veterans still experience nosebleeds for having to stay 30 meters underwater for a longer period of time.

If divers will not be able to go further near the wreckage due to unfavorable ocean condition, the search and rescue agency will use lifting bags to elevate the plane’s body but will it will not be easy because the silt that has already built up.


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