Diver Helps Freeing A Trapped Blue Shark


A female blue shark made an unexpected scene for passers-by when it got trapped by swimming under a PVC barrier on Taranaki Wharf located near Te Papa museum. The shark is about 2 meters long and has been swimming below the diving platform since morning of April 10, 2015 apparently incapable of finding its way out into the ocean.

Residents hope that the blue shark will eventually escape the 8 meter deep enclosed area as the water begin to lower. However, it didn’t happen so the City Council of Wellington approached Wilson Underwater Services for their assistance in removing the shark from the diving platform.

Murray Wilson, a commercial diver who has an experience regarding shark removal in Australia suggested that he can free the shark but the Department of Conservation initially waited if the shark would leave eventually.

The shark neither fell for their bait nor went with the tide so diver Wilson jumped and guided the blue shark out later that day around 7PM.

Amy Brash of the Department of Conservation observed that the blue shark is in good condition. Blue sharks are rarely seen around Wellington. According to shark expert Dr Malcolm Francis, these species are usually harmless and “behave like puppy dogs” but can be extremely aggressive when it comes to food.

Blue sharks used to be hunted for their fins until New Zealand banned it last October 2014.


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