DeepOcean Takes Delivery of Ultimate Trenching Spread from SMD


Long-standing SMD customer DeepOcean, have received delivery of their 1000hp QTrencher (QT) 1000 and successfully completed a number of projects. The recently upgraded T-3200 heavy duty trenching tractor is set to sit alongside the industry‐leading free flying, jet trenching ROV on DeepOcean’s Havila Phoenix vessel.

Paul Davison, SMD’s Deputy MD commented: “We are delighted to continue our working relationship with DeepOcean and support their fleet expansion. We are particularly proud that the installation and trial programs on the vessel ran smoothly and the vehicle exceeded expectation from day one; a testament to our longstanding relationship with DeepOcean, and our shared expertise. The QT1000 now has a proven presence in the trenching market and client feedback indicates that it is the first choice for deep burial and protection of power cables.”

The Havila Phoenix vessel will offer construction, installation and trenching support. It is equipped with a unique combination of features allowing it to satisfy combined construction and trenching requirements of DeepOcean’s customers. As well as two SMD vehicles the vessel’s ultimate trenching spread features a 250te active heave compensated offshore crane, 1500m2deck area, 140 berth accommodation and optional 2000te carousel.

Lynsey Fanning, DeepOcean Marketing Manager said: “With these latest additions to our portfolio we are more confident than ever in providing innovative solutions to global subsea challenges.  We are proud of our relationship with SMD and it remains vital to our continued global success that this type of technology is built in the region.”

The QT1000 is capable of trenching pipelines, umbilicals and cables up to three metres in the seabed, at up to 2000 msw.

Both the QT1000 and heavy duty T-3200 trencher were supplied with high sea state handling systems, with proven technology for operation in rough conditions associated with the North Sea.

Originally supplied by SMD, the OEM recently worked with DeepOcean to upgrade the T-3200, adding new jetting and mechanical cutting tools. The upgrade also included conversion to state of the art DVECS II control system; both vehicles are now operated from common control system software which offers advanced diagnostics, fault finding and the facility for remote monitoring from the office.

With the QT1000 permanently mobilised onboard, the Havila Phoenix has recently been deployed in the southern Norwegian Sea attracting a trifecta of successful projects and providing reliable and efficient trenching with minimal downtime between projects. Work included a Permanent Reservoir Monitoring (PRM) system comprising a large seismic array with more than 500km of cable, 8 subsea structures and flying leads. DeepOcean’s Northern Wave then joined the Phoenix to jointly attack the trenching scope. This is the first and very successful use of the new QT1000 trencher on board the Phoenix.



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