Commercial Diving Program


National University Polytechnic Institute (NUPI) offers students the opportunity to train in realistic environments ranging from offshore projects to diving in harbors and from piers. The commercial diving school in San Diego has a state of the art campus, 44,000 gallon dive tank, and multiple off-site diving platforms. Students are provided a relevant combination of skill and knowledge vital to pursuing a career as a commercial diver.   Students in the program will spend a majority of their time becoming proficient at diving with a wide variety of dive helmets, setting up dive spreads, operating and maintaining compressors, working on oil pipe projects, learning how to cut and weld metal both on land and in the water, operating hydraulic tools and lift bags, develop strong underwater welding skills, and experiencing many of the same tasks performed by commercial divers in the industry. Not only does this prepare students for a solid career in commercial diving, it provides them with the confidence and self-esteem to prevail under the most challenging circumstances. Preparing students for a career in commercial diving requires extensive training in underwater construction, inspection, salvage, installation, and underwater welding.  NUPI graduates qualify in surface supplied air diving, mixed gas diving, commercial scuba, underwater welding, underwater construction, and specialize in either, or both, diving medicine or non-destructive testing.









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