Commercial Diving – One of the grossest jobs in the world


I recently read an article about some of the grossest jobs the world. I find it very interesting because commercial diving also involves tasks like  finding dead bodies, exploring mud & dirt and working in an environment of raw sewage.

For instance, every time a  person  flush the toilet, the waste goes to sewage treatment plant to be processed. The waste water enters the lift pump chamber which is about 5 stories high. If the pump breaks, the chamber will be filled with human waste. This is the situation that calls for an expertise of a commercial diver. A skilled diver is capable to swim through tons of human waste to tie a cable to the top of the pump so it can be lifted and everything filtered out. Wow! Can you imagine how tough this career?

photo from community added by  Xagene Lotz
photo from community added by Xagene Lotz

I guess choosing a career really depends on different influencing factors like skills and abilities, interest, personality type, life roles, previous experiences, culture, gender, social and economic conditions, and childhood fantasies. Knowing these, people still want to uncover the reasons why someone would choose a stomach-turning job.

Based on the article I read, people who do the dirtiest and sometimes most stomach-turning jobs say they enjoy seeing the quick results of their labor. Unlike a banker who might take months — even years — to complete a deal, or an author who works on a book for a similar period of time, the dirtiest jobs can often be the most rewarding. And for some of these workers, it’s all just another day at the orifice.

Do you agree? Why do you want to keep your career as a Commercial Diver?






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