Commercial Diving Industry – Outlook


In our talks with a number of diving companies, divers all over the world and the occasional self-proclaimed economist, all signs are looking good for the diving industry to pick up here in the very near future!

One key indicator is, of course, the price of oil which is standing strong at just over $50/barrell.  Other key indicators include:

  • Oil prices continuing to rise again today (Just look at the oil price ticker to your left!)
  • Good weather coming up in the Gulf of Mexico
  • US Markets seeing a pretty significant rise in the last few days (the first good economy report in a LONG time)

While this is just speculation, form what we’ve heard we are hoping the price of oil holds on at about $70-$80/barrell through the summer.  Even at $50/barrell a number of oil companies are feeling confident enough to start sending boats out for some diving work, however at $70-$80 a barrell there should be a significant increase in work and hopefully get a lot of you guys off the beach!

There you have it…our inside look at where we all hope the industry will be going over the next 6 months or so!

Until then, start referring some of your buddies over to  If they sign up, we’ll send you free stickers that you can plaster all over your gear!

Dive safe everyone!

commercial diving outlook


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