Commercial Divers to the Rescue


Container ships are considered a cost-efficient freight alternative when it comes to delivering bulk loads across the ocean. These massive ships require extreme maintenance and are sometimes prone to damage.

During summer one of these vessels needed repairs for three leaks located in the ship’s thrusters. Vessels normally undergo maintenance on dry-docks. However, in this situation it would have been time consuming to unload all the cargo and put elsewhere prior to repair.

The ship measuring about 1300 feet was not capable of being dry-docked due to its damage so the company hired commercial divers from Hydrex to perform underwater repairs while docked in Poland.

Hydrex crews accomplished tasks on deck parallel to the ship. The divers were able replace the seals and fix the leaking problem. Divers can be seen in action by the use of remote monitors. They have done safety test to make sure that leakage will not pose any threats once the ship continues its voyage. 

The company that owns the ship has insurance making it easier to find the appropriate personnel to handle the job and cover the service expenses.





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