CNOOC Invites Bids for 33 Exploration Blocks Offshore China


China National Offshore Oil Corp. (CNOOC) issued an invitation Thursday for foreign companies to participate in a tender to bid for 33 oil and gas exploration blocks located offshore China, the company said on its website. The exploration blocks covered a total of 48,690 square miles (126,108 square kilometers).

Four of these — Blocks 25/12, 33/02, 41/14 and 04/02 — are located in the East China Sea Basin, while Blocks 24/17, 14/18, 11/34 and 19/11 are situated in the South Yellow Sea Basin. Seventeen of the 33 petroleum exploration blocks on offer in the CNOOC tender are found in the Pear River Mouth Basin (East).

They include: 14/21, 16/15, 16/28, 27/04, 28/06, 28/16, 29/31, 29/11, 29/24, 41/12, 42/10, 43/08, 44/07, 55/05, 15/33, 16/25 and 42/12. Five exploration blocks — 53/32, 53/36, 64/05, 64/03 and 64/26 — that are available for bidding in the CNOOC tender are located in the Qiong Dongnan Basin, while Blocks 22/16 and 22/11 in the Beibu Gulf Basin and Block 50/13 in the Yinggehai Basin are the remaining permits for foreign companies to select.

CNOOC indicated that all qualified foreign companies may visit its data room in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Zhanjiang to acquire the data. The data room closing date will close Dec. 31. CNOOC added that interested companies have to submit their bids for exploration blocks by April 30, 2015. 



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